Solar Energy in Richmond, VA

Solar Energy in Richmond, VA




Do you want to use solar energy to power your Richmond home? Hiring us is a great first step to moving off the grid and towards electrical energy conservation, whether you want to save money on your energy bills or reduce dependence on fossil fuel. Our solar installation company in Richmond, VA, can assess your requirements and expectations, install and maintain the ideal renewable energy source for your house.


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Solar thermal power systems are a major part of the energy efficiency movement. You might be thinking, what precisely is solar energy? Solar energy is energy from the sun that is transformed into electricity.

Solar photovoltaic PV and solar water heating is the most prevalent renewable energy technology for households. As solar installation experts, we can help you with everything from installing solar panels to putting in a full solar energy system.

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  • Solar energy is convenient: After you’ve installed your solar energy system, the only thing left to do is use the energy they provide. Be it raining or shining, your solar panel is collecting the sun’s heat and converting it into energy. Moreover, solar cells provide access to electricity in areas where electric utilities may not be able to reach you.

  • Solar panels save money: If you have photovoltaic panels on your home and are now producing useful electricity, you may be subject to tax reductions in Richmond, VA. Furthermore, Virginia has a great net metering scheme that can help you save money on your monthly electricity costs. You can obtain credit on your next electricity bill by selling the excess energy or passive solar energy you generate to your electric utilities, significantly lowering its costs.

  • Solar energy is renewable: Even though we are depleting non-renewables by relying on fossil fuels for energy generation, solar energy offers a renewable option. Because the sun is a nearly limitless source of energy, solar energy is the most sustainable sort of energy in the industry. Moreover, photovoltaic energy is pure, and its generation has no impact on the environment.

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Clean, renewable, and green energy are all the rage, and for a good reason. Renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics solar are not only better for our ravaged environment, but the allure of eliminating exorbitant electricity and gas bills is irresistible. Our professional team has the skills and experience to install a system that is perfect for your house.

Above all, we understand what it takes to accomplish a good job no matter how many obstacles we confront. All of that has given us an advantage over our local competitors, combined with the personal approach that we employ to advise you each step of the way when you choose to go solar with us.

We endeavor to maintain continual contact with our consumers till the project is completed. To learn more, call us or if you have any concerns about converting your house to solar. We are excited to serve you!




When the sun rays hit a solar panel, it activates the cells, which absorb the energy to create electrical charges. The conductors attached to the positive and negative ends of the cell form an electrical circuit, and the electrons that flow through it form electricity. This DC electricity converts to AC electricity and powers a home.

Solar energy is ever-present and therefore renewable, and its global supply is infinite so long as solar panels continue to function. However, solar electricity comes at a high price in lifetime costs compared to other electricity sources.

Solar energy usually results from nuclear fusion on the sun’s surface when protons found in hydrogen atoms collide to form helium. As a result, the collision emits massive amounts of energy that radiates to the earth through space. The energy reaches the earth’s surface as heat and light, which solar panels convert to electricity.

Technically, solar energy needs to get converted to solar power then stored in batteries as electrochemical potential . When using the power, it gets supplied to an external source such as household electrical appliances or devices, reversing the chemical reactions in the batteries, prepping them for the next storage supply.



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Residential solar system panels operate by transforming the photons that come from the sun to a direct current. The current then flows into the inverter, where it is translated from direct current to alternating current. After translating, the inverter sends the alternating currents to the electric box to power the residence.

Currently, the average size of typical residential solar panels is approximately sixty-five by thirty-nine inches. This is equivalent to 5.4 by 3.25 feet.

Solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells, which they use to convert the sun’s rays to direct current. The direct current is then sent to the invert for conversion from direct current to alternating current. The solar energy then flows to the electrical panels and into your residence, where it powers appliances and lights.

The upfront cost of a residential solar panel varies depending on the size and the type of your system. Averagely, a one-kilowatt hour residential solar costs about $13,454.

Here is how to size

  • Calculate the kWh
  • Look for peak hours
  • Calculate the system size

Residential solar panels are worth it if you reside in an area with an excellent solar rating and high energy rates.

Yes, you can depreciate the residential solar panels. But you have to subtract all the tax credit received from the cost basis. This is because they are physical assets and are classified as residential rental real estate.

On average most residential solar panels weigh about forty pounds. This means that the panels will add about two pounders per square foot of a roof.

Solar panels don’t last forever, but a typical solar panel can last about twenty-five to thirty years or even more.



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A+++ Recommend Unlimited Solar to anyone who
Is looking for a great company to install solar panels for them. Our panels were installed and working in no time. The staff is knowledgeable, proficient and kind. They answered all our questions prior to install and responded quickly to all follow up questions. The owners are super nice.

Melanie Hendricksen

Wonderful company ran by locals who CARE about your experience. The whole process for us went smoothly, and we were updated the entire time. Highly recommend!

Nyssa Payne

Unlimited Solar is absolutely the BEST option for going solar! They were completely transparent and took the time to help me understand all of the financial options so I could determine which one was best for me. They were extremely helpful in guiding me through the installation process. They have also maintained contact with me even after installation. The management was very professional and promptly responded to all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend them to ANYONE who is considering going solar!

Andrew Hendricksen

Ray kindly is one of the best people iv ever worked with very informative on all my solar need and the installers where very professional and did a great job

Matthew Wood

I first worked with Ray to get my security system through Northstar and he mentioned they also did solar through Solar Unlimited. After such great service with the security system, I decided to invest in solar power as well! I do not regret it. Ray and his team have been there every step of the way and have helped with any issues or questions I have had. I highly recommend this company!

Kathryne Drlicka

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