Installing solar panels can help you save money this year by decreasing your electricity consumption and allowing you to take advantage of a variety of associated tax incentives and rebates. With solar energy, you won’t have to pay costly monthly bills from your utility company as the sun provides free energy. Additionally, many solar panels come with a 25-year warranty so you can rest assured that your system will provide power for years to come. By investing in solar energy today, you’ll be able to start seeing the cost savings this year!

But how exactly does going solar save you money? Let’s take a closer look.


Financial Incentives to Going Solar: Tax Credits, Rebates, and Special Utility Rates

First, by generating your own electricity from the sun, you’ll be reducing your reliance on utility companies and the often high rates they charge for power. Solar panels usually produce more electricity than homeowners need during the daytime, so any excess power is sent back to the grid and credited to your account. This is called “net metering,” and it ensures that you only pay for the electricity you actually consume.


Solar Power Purchase Agreements

In addition to net metering, many states offer financial incentives for going solar that can further offset the costs of installation and equipment. These incentives typically come in the form of tax credits or rebates, which means you’ll get money back after installing your system. Some utilities also offer special rates or programs for customers with solar panels, which can further decrease your electric bills.

The Benefits of Solar Energy for Homes and Businesses

Finally, solar panels have a relatively long lifespan – typically 25 years or more – which means they require little maintenance over their lifetime. And since they generate power from an infinite source (the sun), they essentially pay for themselves once they’re installed. In other words, solar panels are a wise investment that will continue to save you money for decades to come! If you’re interested in saving money this year by installing solar panels, contact Unlimited Solar today for a free consultation! We’ll help you determine if going solar is right for you and answer any questions you may have about the process.