Anyone considering going solar in Virginia may be wondering how long their investment will last. Solar panels are not cheap, so you want to make sure you are getting a good return on your investment. Here are six factors that affect a solar company’s longevity in Virginia. These factors include: the amount of sunlight the state receives, the financial stability of the company, state incentives for going solar, and more. Read on to learn more about each factor and how it affects a solar company’s lifespan in Virginia.

The Amount of Sunlight that Hits the State

The amount of sunlight that hits the state is definitely something to brag about! Even on cloudy days, the sun still manages to peek through and grace us with its warm rays. The sun offers countless benefits, from making us feel less stressed and more energized, to providing a natural way for us to get Vitamin D. It’s no wonder why so many of us love spending sunny days outside, whether it’s at a park, the beach, or our backyard. We owe a lot of our cheerful moods and general happiness levels to the fantastic amount of sunlight that hits out state.

The Average Temperature in the State

The average temperature in the state may strongly fluctuate depending on the season! In spring and summer, you can expect warm days that are perfect for outdoor activities like walking around town and spending time with family. During autumn and winter, the temperatures tends to drop further so prepare yourself for colder days or bundle up if you’re planning on taking a stroll! You may even see snow in certain areas of the state, especially during December and January! From sunny skies to cloudy ones, there’s plenty of weather to experience in the state all year round — it’ll just take some preparation to deal with each one properly.

The Percentage of People who Own their Homes

Owning a home has been seen as the epitome of stability and security for many people. With home ownership rates on the rise, this means more and more folks are getting to reap the benefits that owning your own home can bring. Not only does owning a piece of property increase financial feasibility in the long run, it also allows for physical and mental security. Home ownership has often been tied to higher quality of life – something everyone deserves. While there’s still work to be done going forward, it’s encouraging to see those statistics moving up – showing us that more people have the chance to feel at home in their homes.

The Average Cost of Electricity

Most of us probably don’t think much about our electricity bill, but it is actually an important factor to consider when budgeting for expenses. The average cost of electricity varies between different countries and regions; in the United States, residents typically pay anywhere between 13 to 16 cents per kilowatt hour. Some states and cities are even beginning to subsidize residential power rates in an effort to make energy costs more affordable. As energy efficiency practices become more commonplace in homes, businesses, and public buildings, it’s likely that we could see the average cost of electricity going down even further in the future!

The Average Monthly Bill for Solar Customers

With the rise of more and more climate-conscious citizens, more people than ever before are committing to a solar-powered lifestyle. After all, what could be better than knowing you’re helping the environment while also cutting your monthly energy bills? Protecting the planet can often feel like an arduous task that comes with a heavy financial cost – but installing solar panel systems is surprisingly affordable in most cases! In fact, solar customers end up paying on average around 20% less per month for their energy bills! So if you’ve been considering making the switch, do your research and see if opting for solar power is the budget-friendly option for you.

Solar Company Policies and Procedures

Unlimited Solar takes its company policies and procedures seriously, making sure that all employees observe the highest ethical standards. From providing the best solar products for customers to fulfilling safety requirements, Unlimited Solar has established a high bar for itself in order to meet customer needs and expectations. In addition, Unlimited Solar puts customer service at the top of their priority list – their team is always available to customers who need help with any aspect of their solar panel installation process. With Unlimited Solar, you can be sure that every step taken as part of your experience is carried out with care and diligence.

All things considered, going solar is a pretty great deal with solar companies. Virginia as a state, we get hit with a decent amount of sunlight, which means that solar panels will generate quite a bit of power for your home. And with the average monthly bill for solar customers being lower than the average electricity bill, you’ll start saving money from day one. Not to mention that owning your own solar system can increase the value of your home. So if you’re considering making the switch to solar, give us a call at Unlimited Solar. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions and help you determine if solar is right for you.