Solar installation is often referred to as an alternative to traditional forms of energy. There are many benefits that can be received when installing solar panels. These benefits include: energy independence, community support and preservation, economic sustainability and more. The cost of solar installation is also competitive with other energy sources.


10 Top Tips for Solar Panel Installation

1. Make Sure you Have a Clear View of the Sun

Solar panel installation is dependent on the amount of sunlight that enters your home. In order for the panels to produce energy, you will need to be able to see them from every angle in your home.


2. Check Out the Site

Take a walk around your home and find a spot that receives direct sunlight each day. The most ideal location is where there is a south-facing aspect and north-facing area that receives at least eight hours of sun exposure per day. If you are unable to find such a location, consider installing mirrors so you can view them from different angles in different rooms of your home.


3. Take the Time to Research Panel Installation

You will need to find a company that is experienced with solar panel installation. You can also ask your neighbors and family. They may have had solar panel installation done recently and refer you to a reputable company.


4. Consider your Electricity Needs

The more frequently you use energy from the sun, the more efficient and eco-friendly a solar panel installation will be.


5. Set a Budget for Solar Panels

Solar panels are an investment. Be sure to set your budget for the amount you can spend before deciding on a company and product.


6. Ask About Warranties

Most solar panel product manufacturers offer warranties, although these vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. Confirm what the warranty entails before signing a contract with a company.


7. Consider the Aesthetics of Solar Panels

While solar panels are designed to blend in with your home, some homeowners prefer a more attractive look. Your choice will be based on your personal preference.


8. Ask About Other Energy Options

Not all homes are ideal for solar panel installation. If you live in an area that receives fewer than four hours of sunlight per day, you can still take advantage of solar energy through an energy storage system. Energy storage systems include: hybrid batteries, electric water heaters, mini grids and more. The system will help to provide you with power when it is needed most, even during times when the sun is not shining brightly.


9. Get a Professional Quote

Because solar panels are an investment, you will want to get a professional quote so you can be sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. We offer free solar quotes for your home or business. 


10. DIY vs Pros

You may be able to save some money by purchasing the panels separately and installing them yourself. You may also wish to consider consulting with an engineer so you can learn more about the process and if it is right for your home. Before making a final decision or signing a contract with a company, consider the time and resources it’ll take to complete the job. 


Bottom Line

Solar panel installation is a good investment if you want to heat your home using eco-friendly energy. When considering solar panels, make sure that you find a company that is reputable and experienced with the product. You will also need to determine if solar panels are right for your home and energy needs before making a final decision.