Whenever you install solar panels at your home or place of work, there are several things that you will have to think about. The main factors that you should consider include the position and alignment of the solar panels.


Solar Structure

Another thing to think about is the support structure for the solar panels since they need to be placed on top of a supporting skeleton which is the rigid structure that will hold on to your solar panels and keep them aligned in the direction that you have installed them in.

Before the installation, you have to ensure that you have the support structure in place to provide the best support for your solar panels. The design and arrangement of the support structure will also determine the angle at which the solar panels will be arranged when you finally install them on top of the structure.


Solar Placement

The best direction for the solar panels is usually towards the sun, which usually depends on where you are. For homes in the southern hemisphere and away from the equator, you have to ensure that your solar panels are angled so that they can get the most sun possible on a typical day. The same applies fro the north hemisphere. If you happen to live along or close to the equator, you no longer have to worry about the placement of your solar panels.

The sun will usually be shining directly on the solar panels for most of the day, and as such, you will easily be able to receive as much electricity as you need for your home. The direction should also be able to counter the length of the day and the position that gets you the most sunlight for the day.


Number of Panels

At times, you might be required to have more solar panels if you tend to experience fewer daylight hours. If this is the case for you, you will have to think about more efficient solar panels that can work in low light conditions and keep producing electricity for a long time.

Another factor to consider is the arrangement of the solar panels. Slight angling or slope is usually recommended for several reasons. The angle or slope of the solar panels will maximize the sun that you can get in a day, but it is also essential for letting the rainwater easily flow down and off the solar panels.

Raising them slightly off the roof is also recommended for better water drainage from your solar panels. By working with a reliable and trustworthy company such as Unlimited Solar, you can quickly get all these tricky equations done on your behalf.

The services you get will include an inspection of your home and a recommendation on the best course of action to install the solar panels in your new home. The services are also helpful as they will give you professional advice and ensure that you have the best solar panel installation that will serve you for many years to come. Contact us today for more information on installing solar. Virginia Beach has many solar options that are right for you.