We live in a world where we use electricity to do nearly everything. From powering our home appliances, mobile devices, lighting fixtures, computers, and laptops, to running industries and companies, almost everything that’s around us needs electricity to function. Unfortunately, the electricity demand has hiked the prices significantly, and people are looking for alternative energy sources.

We can help you install a residential solar system in your home to harness the power of the sun and convert it into electricity. Doing this will offset energy costs, reduce the environmental impact of electricity in your home, and you’ll also enjoy a host of other benefits. These benefits include:  


No Power Loss

When our professionals install a home solar system, you can say goodbye to power outages. Electricity is usually transported from big power plants to customers through extensive networks. The long-distance transmission increases the chances of interruption or failure in the supply lines.

Solar panels are installed on your rooftop, and as long as the sun comes up, you’ll generate electricity. Our solar panels also come with rechargeable battery banks for the storage of energy. These batteries are designed for prolonged, repeated, and deep discharging/charging cycles necessary for storing and distributing 100% of the generated energy. Besides, PV solar systems are durable, guaranteeing you years of service without interruptions.


Easy Installation 

We can install solar systems almost anywhere, making them a versatile and flexible source of energy. Solar panels can be installed even in remote areas and places where electrical distribution lines are expensive or unfeasible. 

Moreover, the cost of installing a solar panel can be reduced by 50%, depending on where you live. We can help you fill in the necessary paperwork to reduce associated costs. In the US, the federal government is encouraging people to go solar to minimize their carbon footprint. We’ll take you through what you need to do to enjoy financial incentives and help you with the process.


Increase Value 

Do you know that your home can increase in value when you install a home solar system? When done by professionals at Unlimited Solar, we guarantee our work, so you can rest easy knowing your system will be efficient, and you’ll save on energy bills. This attracts buyers if you want to sell your home someday because they know the benefits of having an energy-efficient home.