Are you tired of paying electricity bills every month? Or could you be connected to an unreliable grid with constant blackouts? Own your power solar today. Imagine the zeal of generating your electricity at home to power your television, microwave, fridge, and lights. All you need is the appropriate solar power system that matches your roof conditions. The ideal roof conditions include a spacious and well-oriented roof, strong enough to hold the panels and not shaded by trees, buildings, or chimneys. If you have no available roof space, then go for the pole or ground-mounted systems or set aside space in your yard.

Three major solar power systems permit you to own your power. The grid-connected system consists of solar panels connected to your local grid and acts as a complement to your utility power supply. Off-grid solar power systems are independent of any utility power lines and come with a battery that stores solar energy for use at night. The grid-connected with battery backup system is connected to a utility power system but comes with a standby backup battery connected to the breaker such that during power outages, it fully replaces your power supply. The typical components of each of these systems are the solar panel attached to your roof, an inverter to convert DC to AC, and a junction box connecting the solar power system to the breaker.

Systems with standby batteries require a charge controller. Any typical power solar system has a power meter displaying the generated power output and power usage for your house. With the current trends in the market, acquire your power solar today for an affordable rate. Most installations are free, and systems come with a typical 25-year warranty. Get a licensed technician to install your solar system and enjoy an affordable maintenance plan.